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We have a choice of stories for you to investigate. Each is made up of 12 boxes containing clues to help you solve the case.

The Hidden Listener

On 3rd Sept 1939 Britain Declared War on Nazi Germany. The need for intelligence was paramount, so in 1941 Churchill commissioned a Combined Services Detailed Interrogation Centre (CSDIC). This centre was Latimer House.

Latimer House was a special POW camp and interrogation centre, fitted out with listening devices and staffed with secret listeners . Over 200 intelligence officers operated within its walls, all waiting to discover the captured Generals’ secrets.

Latimer House was critical to the war effort, and it’s existence was classified for 50 years. Even now nearly 80 years later, some Top Secret files haven’t been declassified. Some of those secrets are hidden in the basement of Latimer House, where a tunnel is still sealed under the official secrets act.

Join us to discover the fate of one of the hidden listeners…

An Inheritance Of Murder

It’s the 1930s. Marie Jones, a young woman from a wealthy family in England has been sent to India to stay with her aunt in order to find a suitable match….within the year Marie is found to be missing.

Her lost journal is finally discovered under the floorboards of a local dwelling by an heir hunter. As the last known living relative of the family line, the journal falls into your possession.

The Curse of Humanrah

The Valley of the Kings is possibly the most prestigious dig site in Egypt for emerging Archeologists with a reputation to establish.

However when a dig goes horribly wrong, it falls to you to establish whether it was the Curse of King Humanrah or someone else with an axe to grind…