An Inheritance of Murder - Box 10

This is the tenth box in the “”An Inheritance of Murder” plot.

If you have not already received the earlier boxes – we would strongly advise against ordering this box by itself, as the boxes make most sense seen and reviewed in order.  Some clues link with items in previous boxes.

The Plot

It’s the 1930s. Marie Jones, a young woman from a wealthy family in England has been sent to India to stay with her aunt in order to find a suitable match.

Part of what they call “the fishing fleet” – Marie is quickly swept up into the lavish lifestyles of the ex-pat community; gin and tonic on the terraces, tennis matches, high tea…

This transplantation of Hampshire to the Himalayas is not without problems, and within the year Marie is found to be missing.

Her lost journal is finally discovered under the floorboards of a local dwelling by an heir hunter. As the last known living relative of the family line, the journal falls into your possession.

With the help of regular discoveries from the Indian based heir hunter, it’s up to you to fathom out what happened to Marie. Is her body lying somewhere in an Indian swamp waiting to be discovered? Why was she killed – what secrets did she discover?

What’s in each box?

Each box is different. As we don’t want to spoil too much of the plot by giving it away on the website we are only releasing information on the contents of the FIRST box.  All subsequent boxes continue the story with objects from India, letters from the heir hunter, and other clues.

If you haven’t already received the first box – please do start there.

The first box contains:

A letter from the heir hunter
Marie Jone’s missing journal, which includes sketches
a coded note
a pressed leaf

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