Directional codes

Directional codes are probably some of the easiest codes to work with in Cosykiller.

These codes rely on you reading the text in a way that isn’t the traditional left to right pattern.

The likelihood is you will have come across these style of codes before, as this is how acrostic poetry is made.  In acrostic poems you read the letters downwards, instead of the sentences across the page to spell out new words.

Sometimes (if we’re being mean) we use directional codes in conjunction with another code, so if you work out a letter substitution or another cipher and think it doesn’t seem “right” – it may well be we’ve also encoded it using a directional code.

We use the simple form of acrostic within Cosykiller too – so do keep an eye out specifically in letters, as sometimes these will form acrostic text as well as a generally newsy piece of writing.

You’ll find acrostics crop up in our first story “An Inheritance of murder”. 

The “Curse of Humanrah” contains a few more complicated directional ciphers inspired by hieroglyphs being written either left to right, or right to left depending on which direction the animals are facing (that’s a high hint), or vertically, as in the case of some stonework inscriptions.

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